Very anchored and aware of inner physical body talk.

Very anchored and aware of inner physical body talk.
“It is possible that preterm children presented an unusual strong reliance on proprioception and atypical multisensory integration of other body-related cues. “
“Notably, similar atypicalities in behavioral measures of the RHI have been found in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who displayed a delayed susceptibility to the illusion after 6 min of stimulation and difficulty in differentiating their subjective experiences between asynchronous and synchronous stimulations (Cascio et al., 2012). Compared to children with typical development, both groups of autistic and preterm children showed a stronger tendency to focus on proprioceptive signals ignoring competing information from other sensory modalities, resulting in less susceptibility to the conflicting visual and tactile input during the induction of the RHI. By systematically varying the brushing period from 2 to 6 min, future studies could investigate the possibility that prolonged visuotactile stimulation may eventually lead to a remapping of the body representation in preterm children, as evidenced in children with ASD. Considering the neural measures, preterm children revealed a different modulation of alpha oscillatory activity compared to full-term children during the RHI. In particular, they showed a greater alpha suppression which may reflect a greater effort in integrating multisensory bodily signals. Taken together, our findings might suggest that although preterm children showed sensitivity to different visual-tactile stimulation suggesting the ability to integrate multisensory information, they also appeared to be more anchored to their own body and to place a greater reliance on internal proprioceptive information rather than external sensory cues.”
“Indeed, they seem to be less likely to perceive the rubber hand as part of their own body irrespective of the visual-tactile stimulation, possibly indicating a more rigid representation of their own body.”

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