verificationism, logical positivism, star trek and atheism on the internet

Hehe.  Even though it’s more or less dead as a pure #philosophy #verificationism lives on in many forums on the Internet, whenever you see the #atheist and the #theist fighting.

Created by the #logical #positivists – a movement which will seem very familiar if you’ve ever watched #startrek (Gene Roddenberry was a logical positivist and “the philosophy of Star Trek” inspired many science fiction writers to follow which, in turn, inspired millions of people – and has continued the logical positivist movement.

Verificationism isn’t a requirement as a logical positivist but it’s often found in the beliefs of some:  It is a rather obsessive need for “verifiable proof”.

I tend towards a logical positivist outlook in a lot of ways (although not exclusively) but the verificationism spinoff isn’t one of them.

Arguments abound online that attempt to refute claims of believers using ideas that were, in the end, not considered reflections of Reality by philosophers.  I’m not saying anybody is right or wrong; I honestly don’t know.

But it’s rather fun to see old ideas coming up over and over again and understanding better “where they came from”; you can find yourself thinking and talking a certain way without realizing that you are following a formula that others came up with a long time ago.

As for me, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m not an atheist and I’m not a theist.  I’m both and neither; the whole argument to me is like “Coke vs Pepsi”; they’re both sodas.  I prefer 7-up.

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