vaping – i should go back

Your experience with vaping and mine are the same. I should consider going back it if nothing else for the lack of smell. It’s odorless and inoffensive to people; socially, you MIGHT get but a side glance, but since there’s no smell, I’m more likely to get a smile from somebody who might have otherwise scowled.

I think people who don’t smoke see vaping as akin to a medical device; something to be sympathetic about, rather than what one person called my cigarette, ‘the devil’s incense”. One comment, almost 20 years ago while walking down the street – and she was ACROSS the street and yelled it at me.

I had no response. She wasn’t wrong, so it stuck with me all this time.

But I’ve used the vape thing in stores (not illegal in Florida) and nobody even blinked an eyelash. it’s not that it’s ‘super common’ but its common enough that people seem sympathetic rather than making me feel like an outcast, which cigarettes sometimes do.

Quitting entirely is the best option of course and those that have succeeded have all of my cheers. An inlaw used lollipops after her heart attack and stent operation. I was so impressed I bought her a gigantic bag of sugar-free lollipops so she wouldn’t rot her teeth.

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