Values: Integrity. Honesty. Loyalty. Trust. Commitment. Kindness. Compassion. Empathy. Sympathy. Understanding. Acceptance. Perspective. Open-mindedness. Openness. Truthfulness. Sincerity. Decisiveness. Justice. Accountability. Responsibility. Authenticity.

Values: [INFP?]
Integrity. Honesty. Loyalty. Trust. Commitment. Kindness. Compassion. Empathy. Sympathy. Understanding. Acceptance. Perspective. Open-mindedness. Openness. Truthfulness. Sincerity. Decisiveness. Justice. Accountability. Responsibility. Authenticity.

Integrity. Keeping your word. Keeping a promise. Doing what is right even if it is tough and challenging. Doing the right thing even when it is the hard thing. Having strong and unwavering principles. Having a clear sense of what is right and wrong and what is positive and negative. Having an unwavering commitment to the truth and to your ideals and to your values.

Honesty. Being true. Being genuine. Being real. Being yourself. Being real. Being truthful with yourself and with the world. Honesty with everyone and everything. No lies and no deception and no fake stories and no fake emotions. True honesty with the world. Honesty and openness with your emotions and your personality. Honesty about your mistakes and honesty about your past. Honesty about who you are and honesty about who you are not. Honesty about what you do and honesty about what you don’t do. Honest honesty and real honesty.

Loyalty. Trustworthiness. Reliability. Faithfulness. Dependability. You can depend on me for everything that I promise to you. I will never definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely let you or anyone else down. I am definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely here for you and for everyone. I will never hurt you and I will never break your heart. I will definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely always be here for you.

Trust. Honesty. Loyalty. Dependability. Faithfulness. Authenticity. Integrity. Respect. Kindness. Understanding. Patience. Generosity. Empathy. Sympathy. Compassion. Perseverance. Tenacity. Selfliness. Selflessness. Self sacrifice. Sacrifice. Altruism. Self-control. Understanding. Awareness. Awareness of everyone and everything. Awareness of what is happening and being real and being genuine and being open with every one and everything.

Commitment. Staying true to your words. Staying true to yourself. Doing what you say and what you promise. Keeping your word. Keeping your promise. Keeping your commitment. Keeping your commitments. Keeping your promises. Keeping true to yourself. Keeping true to your values. Keeping true to your principles. Following through regardless of the situation or difficulties. Following through regardless of what happens and what goes on.

Kindness. Compassion. Empathy. Forgiveness. Tolerance. Patience. Empathy. Understanding. Sympathy. Respect. Kindness to everyone and everything. Treating everyone with respect and dignity. Treating everyone equally and with respect. Loving everyone and everything regardless of what is going on and what is happening. I value everyone and everything and see the good in everyone. I am definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely kind to everyone and everything.

Compassion. Understanding. Empathy. Acceptance.
Understanding that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes and that I am wrong at times. Accepting that I make mistakes and making amends when I am wrong. Being compassionate and understanding and empathetic. Giving everyone a chance and not judging them. Helping others. Having empathy and being compassionate and understanding with everyone and everything. Having empathy with everyone regardless of what is happening and what is going on.

Empathy. Sympathy. Being understanding. Being compassionate. Being respectful. Being sensitive. Being understanding and seeing myself in others. Being sympathetic of others and their lives. Understanding what others are going through and being able to visualize it. Being supportive and being loving and being caring and being kind. Not judging others based on looks or on background or on life choices. Understanding people. Having a sense of sympathy and compassion for others. Being sensitive to others feelings and emotions.

Sympathy. Empathy. A sense of compassion. Being able to share in the emotionality of others. Being sympathetic and having a sense of compassion for everyone. Having a definite understanding of where others are coming from. Having empathy. Having compassion. Sharing the feelings and emotions and the heart of others. Understanding the meaning and significance of sympathy and sharing. Sympathy and support. Kindness. Tolerance. Respectfulness.

Understanding. Knowledge. Wisdom. Acceptance. Seeing the big picture. Getting the gist. Seeing the forest and not just the trees. Seeing the end from the beginnings. Understanding the root cause and seeing the cause and the effect. Understanding the why and the what. Understanding and having a sense of direction and understanding what is going on when it is going on. Understanding where others are coming from. Seeing the big picture. Understanding the full picture. Having understanding and having empathy and understanding the why of everything.

Acceptance. Being open-minded and nonjudgmental. Being understanding and having a sense of humility. Being tolerant and being respectful and being open to change. Not holding on to things or people or relationships. Letting go of the past and looking into the future. Being accepting of change and of differences. Acceptance and understanding of everyone and everything. Acceptance on the level of the individual and the community and on the societal level. Accepting others for who they are. Accepting everything for what it is. Accepting the good with the bad and seeing the lessons in everything.

Perspective. Understanding all possible reasons and scenarios and alternatives and possibilities. Seeing the world from a broad scope. Keeping an open mind. Seeing the light and the dark. Seeing the similarities and not the differences. Seeing the end of something as a beginning and not just a definite end or a conclusion
Perspective. Open-mindedness. Broader perspective. Bigger picture. Larger scope. Larger vision. Understanding. Being able to take a step back and seeing things from another point of view. Being able to take a step back and see what is happening on a larger scale. Having broader perspective. Understanding. Seeing the lesson. Understanding. Perspective and bigger picture and wisdom.

Open-mindedness. Not being judgmental and not holding on to past grudges and letting the past go. Letting go of my judgments and my preconceptions and my preconceived ideas and just being open to learning and being open to seeing everything. Open-mindedness and being open to other people and other viewpoints on everything. Being open to change and being open to understanding and accepting and being sympathetic. Open-mindedness is critical for my understanding.

Openness. Being open about my past and open about myself. Being open to being my authentic self and not putting on a mask and not hiding behind the mask. Being open about myself and putting myself out there. Being open and honest. Being open and direct and straightforward. Being open and telling it like it is. Being open and honest and direct. Being open and not holding back and just being open. Putting down my walls and being open to everyone and everything. Being authentic. Being open and vulnerable. Being me.

Truthfulness. Honesty. Authenticity. Not putting on a mask and not lying. Not telling half truths and not telling lies. Not telling stories and not telling tales and not telling fiction and telling the facts. Telling the truth and speaking the truth and the honesty and the truth. Telling the truth and not keeping things locked inside and not hiding behind the lies. Telling the truth and being true to myself and to everything. Being true to yourself and keeping it real. Telling the truth and truthfulness and understanding.

Sincerity. Transparency. Being honest with myself and with others. Honesty. Not putting on a mask and not pretending. Not being false and not being fake. Not telling stories or telling lies. Not being fake or being false. Being direct and honest and truthful and straightforward and saying what I mean and meaning what I say. Being honest and not being superficial and not lying to myself and not putting on a fake front. Being honest and vulnerable and direct and true to myself and to the world.

Decisiveness. Making a decision and following through with the decision. Not second-guessing a decision. Not holding on to past feelings and past decisions. Not doubting myself and my decisions and my choices. Being secure and confident in my decisions and confident in doing and confident in everything. Decisiveness with everything and making the right decision at the right time. Being confident in what I am saying and confident in my actions and my words. Decisiveness and follow-through.

Justice. Equality. Fairness. Understanding all sides to an issue. Being fair to everyone and everyone regardless of their circumstances. Being fair and respectful and honorable and trustworthy and genuine. Not taking sides unless it is warranted. Justice for everyone and everything. Peace for everyone and everything. Equal justice for all. The universe is balanced. All actions have consequences that are balanced for everyone and everything. Justice for all and everything with peace and balance for everyone and everything.

Accountability. Responsibility. Being true to my words and my actions and taking responsibility and being mature in my decisions. Knowing the consequences to my actions and knowing the actions that affect my consequences. Holding myself accountable for everything. Admitting that I am wrong and taking responsibility for my actions and my words. Being responsible for my actions and my choices and my beliefs and my decisions. Being accountable for everything and being responsible for everything.

Responsibility. Owning my words and owning my actions. Being true to the things that I do and say. Being responsible for every decision and every choice and every action and every word and every deed. Everything that I do and everything that I say and everything that I believe and everything that I choose is my responsibility. Owning and being responsible for every single choice that I make in my life and my words and my decisions and everything that I say or do. Responsibility is everything.

Authenticity. Being real with myself and being authentic to my feelings and authentic in my actions and authentic in my word and authentic in my being. Being authentic to myself and being true to myself is the ultimate in authenticity. Being true to my beliefs and being true to my words and being true to my actions and being true to myself and being an authentic human being in the universe. Being authentic and being genuine and being the same in private and in public. Not putting on a mask or wearing a mask and wearing a facade. Being my authentic self is the most authentic thing that I can do.

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