Values aren’t qualities: They’re consistent actions

Values aren’t qualities: They’re consistent actions

Ok, I had to go back to Zee Mista‘s list of values. I wanted to break down the meanings in a consistent way. How to? AH HA – WordNet’s hypernyms. Most words are a “part of” a higher category, depending on sense.
So, after a bit of struggle, I got it. 76 out of 81 values put in their proper places in the sense hierarchy.
But that’s a lot of info. How to display? Ah ha! Video set to music. Need ‘pause’ to actually read. but I’m happy with result.
 Now I want to cross correlate hypernyms to organize them further, see what patterns emerge. Wordnet spits out in this “tree” format which is cute but now I gotta remove all that excess.

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