Valid science can still be junk.

James Sweet Nick Halme thank you both for taking the time to critique the criticism. I admittedly rushed to post because the unbelievable bru-haha among friends acclaiming the study, with the usual “see those religious ppl are wrong again” meme fests WITHOUT taking a few minutes to really think about it with at least SOME objectivity or challenge… Was getting on my nerves. I’m sure the study followed all the rules of a proper study. Wouldn’t have gotten published. But like all studies, it’s open to criticism as it should be. Such is science.
Still, I think the basis of the altruism experiments in general have fundamental flaws. I wrote a critique of the lollipop primate study long ago… And should find it. Just remember numerous studies of eugenics years ago. All valid studies. All valid science. But… Valid science can still be junk.

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