Vaccines work. They’re of a different part of the pharmaceutical industry than the “let’s live forever!” drugs

I worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for a couple of years (late 90s/early 00s), Anyway, you’re _partially_ correct of course.

Companies are not _nonprofit_. They want to make money. And they sometimes do questionable things. [encouragi
ng a science around Statins, as decreasing numbers is popular, and even *telling ppl* that it just lowers numbers outright, but still, the prescriptions would continue, as people _like_ lower numbers. Built around placebo.

So there is some truth.

HOWEVER – and here is where you’re wrong: Vaccinations *do* help. The industry for vaccinations is of a different nature than the “HEY LET’S TRY TO LIVE FOREVER” drugs.

Vaccines are a matter of _public health_ and not private health.

That changes it. There’s also not much profit in vaccines that become mandatory. They _have_ to be cheap, which is why so few big pharma bother with making them.

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