Utopia? Dream on. That’s usually where it belongs.


  • I’ve heard so many wonderful ideals through the years about how things “should be”. Utopians are fun to talk about, write stories about and I enjoy them. [I was a huge fan of Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry’s Logical Positivist view of the Future. I believed it for a long time too]


    Cooperation needs agreement without lying, following up on promises made in an expected time, in short, being a good citizen.

    Doesn’t magically happen. Kids still need parents to play policeman, teacher, judge, jury, pastor, mentor, friend, God, nurse, doctor, psychologist… from even the time before they can talk yet and express themselves.

    We have different gene pools, raised in different environments, pick up different friends, have different teachers, have different enemies… and by the time we’re at adulthood, it’s amazing that people successfully agree enough for strangers who are drivers to NOT crash into each other all of the time.

    Traffic is amazing. For all of its flaws, I can’t think of any other place where perfect strangers working lethal machines GENERALLY manage to cooperate enough so that most people live getting from one place to another.

    So… perhaps there’s hope for cooperation. Give people lethal powers equally, and they’ll respect each other and share their bananas.

    [and no, I’m not justifying gun ownership – I was being silly but… wow… I kind of scared myself there at the thought of it – yikes]

    To get cooperation, requires religions or laws or police or schooling or shaming or some other kind of social conforming thing.
  • Kenneth Udut [and I don’t like social conformity and yet, I respect the need for its existence… for other people of course but I’m generally a nice person who is only a secret troublemaker ]


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