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You’re talking and someone leaves the room. 1st interpertation is usually: “Is it something I said?” Well, yes, sometimes it *is* something you said. “is it something I did?” Maybe. “So-and-so hates me.” Maybe. BUT: it’s possible: a) had to go to the toilet. b) figured out the secret of the universe and wanted to blog about it c) had a doctors appt to keep d) was just bitten by a bug and needs …to treat it e) you farted and smelled up the room. f) left something on the stove g) suddenly had to wash their grimy, dirty hair h) was in the middle of something BEFORE talking with you and needed to return to it.So: While the action speaks LOUDLY, it isn’t always the 1st, 2nd or 3rd reason you think. Best assumption: Assume it’s “not” about you but rather something you just don’t know about and probably won’t find out about. That way you can get o… “

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