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, who is gifted but is the funny guy in class, gets bad grades for in-class behavior but aces tests.
Starkest example was last year: He got a 5 on the English 2 standardized test (which is the maximum score you can achieve) but he FAILED the class because of his lack of homework, lack of class participation, etc.
So now he has English 2 (a repeat) due to in-class behavior and ALSO ENGLISH 3 HONORS AT THE SAME TIME because of his test score.
Anyway: he was describing some of his teachers (11th grade). Our county is desperate for teachers and a lot of ex-professors who can’t find professor jobs have been coming in.
For him, this works out great because in TWO classes one by a Dr. this and another Dr that, they each only give LECTURES and no homework, just periodic logical testing.
Because he is the kind of learner that THRIVES on listening – he is an auditory learner (don’t make him read a book), lecture format works great for him. He’s acing those two classes already.
But in regular high school classes, which involve a lot of group projects, slow scaffolding, social roleplaying (“you be the leader now in our small group”), pop quizes and piles and piles of hours and hours of homework – AND 2-way conversation with the teacher and a lot of micromanaging OBEY ME taking priority over learning – he’s no good. He goofs off.

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