usually go according to plan.

Florence Nightinggale syndrome is kinda like that – wanting to fix everything and everybody. Self-sabotaging/shoot-yerself-in-the-foot syndrome is one I think most people have to some degree – related to “foot in mouth” disease, which I have like crazy. Hard to say what it is really. There’s probably a name for it somewhere. Murphy’s Law is the one I subscribe to the most – so much so that I actu…ally think, “Okay, what would Murphy’s Law say about this situation?” and then I try to prepare for the “wrong thing” to happen. If it does, then I laugh at the absurdity of Murphy’s Law and go, “yup – thought Murphy’s Law would kick in”. Keeps me from getting upset/annoyed/irritated when things don’t go how I plan, ’cause things that are planned don’t usually go according to plan.”

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