Users are losers until they are abusers.

Users are losers until they are abusers.

Very is VERY “very”.

“Completely” automatically makes this a suspicious hill.


No room for a time where cultural supremacy is not ok.

Does civic nationalism vs ethnonationalism play in here? I ask because cultural supremacy sounds like civic nationalism.

It was a new phrase to me last week. I’d never known of it before.

While I’m an “earthist” kind of guy, I could understand a measure of civic nationalism but ethno nationalism is illogical to me.

I agree. Besides, for some countries, like the USA, it’s completely ridiculous. But even for countries that could have SOME rationale for it, it’s still ridiculous and a bad idea.


hyperfocus is my savior and curse too. I make as good use of it as I can but I can’t stay on a project for more than a certain length of hyperfocus and then, I’d better be finished with it – I have to be finished with it. So it’s a rush for time. But any other time, finishing is… welll…



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