US currency was on the gold standard but it was miserably failing.

US currency was on the gold standard but it was miserably failing. Nixon did drastic measures to attempt to stop the disaster to buy time for economic recovery. One of the solutions ended up establishing our unique relationship to Saudi Arabia, the dollar, crude oil and the PetroDollar Let’s see if I can find an article..

…here we go. Wikipedia slides by it poorly but this explains it better.

The short of it is, the world economy collapsed long long ago. Probably late 1920s and everything since then has been grand efforts to create an illusion of stability. It works, then begins to fail, then something else is tried.

I suspect if we go further back, we’ll see other examples of the collapse happening sooner but I’m satisfied with pinning it to the late 1920s at the moment. A lot of strange historical events from that time to now make a lot more sense seen in that light.

I’m not counting on this administration at all in the least. Rather, I’m counting on smarter people in other lands “playing along” for a few years, giving an illusion of cooperation, just long enough for this term to be finished and a diplomat to be back at the helm again, when they can get back to work at sorting things out.

of course if he starts land/resource grabbing, then we could up with a 1939 situation and I’m hoping people are smart enough to avoid that but memories are short so I dunno.

I think foreign leaders take Trump as seriously as a little boy driving a boat. Don’t get him upset, take him seriously enough so he doesn’t screw things up but when he gets tired and wants to take a nap, the adults will go back to driving the boat.

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Ron Paul Right yet impractical. But for a political idealist, hard to beat.





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