urface, the MASK, the appe…”

What you see of people is like an iceburg. As large as an iceberg appears above the water, below the water is a mile deep of ice – a MOUNTAIN of ice that you can never see. Or like bubbles in a glass of soda – if you are looking straight down from the top, you can only see the bubbles that are bursting at the top – but you can’t see the bubbles at the bottom. Every person is far deeper than an…ybody will ever know. When you think you know somebody, you don’t. You can predict certain behaviors – certain things that they do on a regular basis, or you can predict how they will probably respond in a given situation, but that’s because most people behave like a characature of themselves – you don’t see the full me, I don’t see the real you, we don’t see the real them, they don’t see the real us, etc – you just see the surface, the MASK, the appe… “

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