Upgraded to 1.7.9. 4/22/2014

Upgraded to 1.7.9. 4/22/2014

We’re at 1.7.5 now! hope it works! 4/9/2014

Hardest upgrade yet but 1.6.4 is ready – and we’re ready for 1.7.2 when it comes out for bukkit!

Also changed category to Roleplay – we ARE creative but there is a lot of roleplaying that goes on. So I’ll try this category for a bit.

NOW upgraded to 1.6.2 I know it took a long time but I didn’t want anybody’s work to be lost. Hundreds of thousands of combined hours of work from all the 23000 people who have come and I don’t want to lose a single block.


Make friends and get married in Minecraft. Your friendships you make on Ken’s Server will last you even when you stop coming here, if you ever leave! Roleplaying, Creative, 3000+ warps – read on. <3 you all! -Ken simplify3 Kenneth Udut (add me to your Skype / G+ / FB / KiK / DrawCast and say “Hai!”)

now upgraded to 1.5.2 !

placeblocks now open [​closed] – amazing what you can do with JSONAPI – check it out – Ken made it himself :P

Affordable Trapping 239-465-9291 Naples, FL USA – removal of rats, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, bees, snakes, dead animal removal. That’s my company :P

i have the most amazing people on Ken’s Server. and yeah I’m Ken.

This is the awesome multiverse. Type /warp for list of warps.

/warp p2 for regular plots /warp bigplot for the big plots

The community is FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have greater people here.

Planets is great stuff. Magicspells too.

added /tardis for tardis travel. colored nicks are popular. The marry plugin is unbelievably popular…. great peeps.

/rocketboots on are on! you can finally go SUPERFAST – my new favorite addition :)

/warp wild /warp snowpvp and a whole lotta other warps.

We have special maps besides the plots and big plots and wild and world —
we have Equestria and the land of Ooo – for Bronies and Adventure Time fanatics respectively.

And entire list of warps as of 12/7/2012: -[​1029 WARPS REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS]-

Additional Notes

Multiverse. Plotland, /warp p5 /warp p6 /warp protected /warp bigplot – grief protected building. Large plots at /warp bigplot – many survival worlds like /warp wild,

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