Upgrade-itis without seeing the consequences.

NGP VAN, the vendor that handles the master file, said the incident occurred Wednesday while a patch was being applied to the software [via Washington Post]

A member of Sander’s team broke a big rule and the whole team was penalized but I’m personally disappointed in the software vendor for not being responsible for their actions.

I know the type of person who did the live-patching of the software: We had them at my Schering-Plough job: One day, a guy decided to push an update to the latest ODBC drivers to ALL the Windows computers (that’s thousands and thousands) one morning around 9:30am. Without permission. Nobody asked him to do it.


Anyway, you just don’t do that. Enthusiastic patching is dangerous in corporate environments.

My programs couldn’t run as they depended on those drivers being a particular version. I wasn’t alone. It was crippling as “fixing the fix” took a good three weeks. [pushing the old version back wasn’t going to work because all of the computers had slightly different versions]

He got canned too and other people had to clean up his mess.

Upgrade-itis without seeing the consequences.

I could give a dozen other examples.

I’m disappointed in the software vendor myself.

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