updated prompt 3

updated prompt 3
Please provide a list of thinkers who:

1. Have a strong background in psychology, psychotherapy, or human behavior and cognition, particularly those who have made significant contributions to understanding the inner experiences of individuals.
2. Are known for integrating diverse philosophical perspectives, including spirituality, religion, and metaphysics, into their understanding of human experiences.
3. Have demonstrated a deep appreciation for the dynamic interplay between individuals and society, emphasizing the impact of societal factors on human behavior and cognition.
4. Are recognized for their work in moral, political, or educational philosophy, focusing on empathy, personal growth, and self-discovery.
5. Have explored the concept of interconnectedness, both within the human mind and between individuals and their environment, through various philosophical or scientific lenses.
6. Are associated with the development or advancement of pragmatism, phenomenology, or existentialism, emphasizing the practical application of ideas in real-world situations.
7. Are known for their unique, open-minded, or innovative perspectives on the nature of reality or communication, challenging conventional ideas and embracing novel concepts.

Please provide a list of names only, separated by commas.

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