Unless someone is being inappropriate, what does it matter?

I’m 43.  I have friends online from age 8 – 88.  Age is only meaningful if you attach meaning to it.
Socializing online is different than “in real life”.  Online we’re free to express ourselves using words, pictures, videos, opinions, all sorts of things unavailable when just hanging out.  It’s an even playing field.

I could be 14.  I could be 80.  I could be 8 with a good vocabulary.  But I’m 43.  If it wasn’t for the profile pictures or me telling you, would you know?  And.. unless someone is being … what’s that word with all the drama.. ah yes, INAPPROPRIATE… what does it matter?

I’ve always had friends that were older than me and younger than me.  I didn’t like most people my age.  They were boring and sameish with a few exceptions.  But that’s my ageism at play :P  I like people that ‘get me’ and their birthdates happened to be before mine or after mine.  But then again, I have a weird perspective on the Universe.  The Twilight Zone has always been my home.

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