unity”) – then you’re even…”

Well, we get 10,000 opportunities every day for better moments. the angel and devil on the shoulders really works well. Simple and effective. Not just for temptation, but also for any time you have thoughts that start leading towards depression or towards happiness, towards separation or towards togetherness. Each thought is an opportunity – and it’s hard when we get on the downward spiral cha…in of thoughts – anger, negativity, jealousy, even irritation. and if we flub one, another opportunity comes moments later to pick the angel – or even pick neither and go a different way altogether. I think there’s times where the best you can think of is ‘This too shall pass” – but if that can be shifted into thinking of the benefits of a negative situation, (crisis = opportunity – almost making it a game of “Find The Opportunity”) – then you’re even… “

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