From:    IN%”geoff@amman.gn.apc.ORG”  “Geoff Sears”  4-MAY-1992 19:19:27.38
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From: Geoff Sears <geoff@amman.gn.apc.ORG>
Subject: new subscriber
To: child-request@hamp.hampshire.edu
Message-id: <7L29JB4w164w@amman.gn.apc.org>
Organization: United Nations Children’s Fund (Amman)
X-Envelope-to: kudut

Hi!  This is Geoff Sears writing to you from the UNICEF
regional office for the Middle East and North Africa
in Amman, Jordan.  I am helping this office establish some
new linkages with people working on children’s issues;
they are most interested now in networking with people
involved with children in especially difficult circumstances,
like war zones.  The office here deals with children in Iraq,
Sudan, Lebanon and other such places where kids are exposed
and directly involved in really terrible situations.  Thus
the UINICEF staff would like to exchange experiences with others
who have worked with children in such circumstances.

Other issues of interest include bias and sterotype, especially gender
bias (a common problem in the region) and environmental education.

Since it is a major waste of expensive bandwidth to subscribe
everyone in the region to the same mailing list, we’re going
to have a conference (newsgroup) that picks up your mail list.
If you would be so kind as to subscribe the account
child-l@amman.gn.apc.org to the list, we will convert the mailing list
into something more useful, and make it available to the UNICEF
regional staff.

The system administrator here is Hani Shannak <hani@amman.gn.apc.org>
If you want to contact me in the future, please use the address

Thanks for your help!

– Geoff Sears
Institute for Global Communications

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