Understanding. From an Epistemological POV so to speak (in a general sense) but perhaps more that of the poet or the lover or friend, Understanding is a very interesting phenomenon. It seems to be a combination of belief, logic, acceptance and familiarity. The intimacy of, the embracing of – it is more than a simple “I agree” but it is a very deep agreement, to where this thing called understanding, of whatever nature understanding is, affects one’s very outlook and framing of everything in one’s own thoughts and feelings; it affects how one colors the world, what pathways we take, even to how well we sleep at night.

Understanding lies in the zone between what’s considered implicit and explicit memory, although I tend to think the line between, much like a line between heart and head, is more an convenience than an absolutely crisp division.

Understanding is saying, “I know” as a “Deep Know”.

Profound. That is the proper word here.

1275-1325; Middle English < Anglo-French < Latin profundus deep, vast, equivalent to pro- pro-1 + fundus bottom

A marvelous set of definitions from dictionary com –

1 penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding:

2 originating in or penetrating to the depths of one’s being;

3 being or going far beneath what is superficial, external, or obvious:

4 of deep meaning; of great and broadly inclusive significance:

5. pervasive or intense; thorough; complete:

6. extending, situated, or originating far down, or far beneath the surface:

Profound in a literary noun sense has one definition that captures the depth of it: abyss.

Understanding lives in the realm of the abyss, the realm that appears to have no bottom but continues and is all-encompassing.

Understanding has a religious quality to it; not the surface appearance of course, but rather in the realm of the mystical side, without the woo and fluff and the ascetics, but more akin to a deep set of eyes that “get it”.

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