Understanding, Inclusivity (related to autism spectrum),

Understanding, Inclusivity (related to autism spectrum),
Knowledge (neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science),
Exploration (sense of smell, perception, mind),
Innovation (computer programming, data compression, neural correlates of consciousness, HTML5),
Collaboration (internet archive, world wide web, internet),
Curiosity (neuroplasticity, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, neural circuit),
Creativity (programming language, artificial intelligence, algorithm),
Empathy, Compassion (autism spectrum, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger syndrome, Deafblindness, Disability),
Respect for diversity (linguistics, multilingualism, culture, dialect),
Lifelong learning (education, child development),
Environmental stewardship (ecology, climate),
Openness (open source, FreeDOS),
Accuracy (science, mathematics),
Critical thinking (logic, problem solving),
Efficiency (data compression, algorithm, computer program, simulation),
Freedom (open source),
Privacy (copyright, trademark),
Flexibility (software, technology),
Transparency (open source, public domain),
Patience (learning, education),
Intuition (psychology, neuroscience),
Persistence (research, learning, problem solving),
Respect for the scientific method (science, research, biology, physics, mathematics, neuroscience),
Community (internet, world wide web, Friendica, Facebook),
Love for reading (book, Amazon Kindle, Ebook),
Respect for life (biology, neuroscience),
and Humanism (psychology, neuroscience, emotion, empathy).

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