understanding at a young a…

I get the social/aniety thing and the intelligence. I see that D. has it and can tell that Frankie has it. You’ve got it – I’ve got it. And it does make for a tougher eistance in some ways. As hard as you try, you don’t follow the pack – can’t follow the pack really – they are the innovators, the dreamers, the inventors – the people that make the world CHANGE, not necessarily in drastic, drama…tic ways, but in very real ways that are invisible to the masses, but it is True change (not just getting people to do what you want – which is not Real change – that’s just getting people to go along with you). You do learn to hide a lot of that in yourself in school, but it’s always there. I REALLY would love to run a SCHOOL that ALLOWS these aspects of personality and interests to BLOSSOM and take root. This high level of understanding at a young a… “

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