Unconditional Love, the nature of love – my part of a conversation about it

Well if it exists as a concept, it exists in some form doesn’t it?

There are only one ‘condiion’ for love: The one loving. You can say, “I love.” without an object as it can be a state of being – an emotional expression emminating from something. It need not necessarily have an object.

That would be unconditional, would it not?

I believe that love is a verb that gets used as a noun but it is in actually a verb masquerading as a noun for convenience.

No. Unconditional Love does not exist, because Love does not have a separate existence somewhere without the support of “one who is loving”


One can love unconditionally.

I don’t have children, Vera, but I am in a position where I help teach, support and care for a number of children and adults, just going about my life.

I love each of them. Period. I don’t own any of them. I take the time to type these
words because, I love you at some level, else why would I bother typing?

Is it unconditional? What would be a condition? I don’t expect a response. I “share because I care”, regardless of the consequences. I hope that’s unconditional – I believe it is. I could also be wrong; I’m good at being wrong tongue emoticon

It’s important to distinguish what is true for you vs what is universally true. By default, what you believe to be true is true for you. It may extend to all human universally. But it also may not.

Why can’t someone love each child the same?
Do you mean, “I love you because….”?

if a “because” is a necessary condition for love, then yes, love cannot be unconditional.

But if you can say, “I love you”. then it can be unconditional.

Do you see love as transactional, like finances or accounting? I’m just curious – we may be speaking about different things when we use the same word and I want to be on the same page.

I don’t see how it’s possible to _not_ love every single human being. I might not _like_ someone, but not liking someone doesn’t mean I don’t love someone.

I don’t have in/out circles of “These are the people I love” and “These are the people I don’t love”.

I love everybody. I don’t _like_ what everybody does. I may _prefer_ they do something different than what they do. But I still love them.

Love isn’t an idea. It’s an action emminating from within one’s self.

I’m biased. I don’t believe there is such a thing as “One True Love”. I believe that is a fantasy created from the 14th century Islamic romance poetry and resurrected in the 19th century Romance novelists. But I don’t believe it has a basis in reality. Just scripts from movies we watch and wish we could live ourselves.

You are free to doubt that it’s possible but it is.

I ran a Minecraft server for 23 months, stopped it in September ’cause it was killing my computer. In that time, 27,000 people came and went and I typed to many of them.

I wanted them each to have a good time. To enjoy themselves. I loved each of them.

I have 8800 followers on Vine. I know each of them. I care for each of them.

If someone blocks me, I’m disappointed, but I don’t hate them. I still love them.

I have 6500 friends on Google+. I’ve talked to each of them at least a few times over the years, at least once or twice. I love each of them.

That’s, what, I dunno, 40,000 individuals? [some duplications? probably].

it’s not hard to love more than a few people.

I like beef. My preferred protein source. Yet, I also like Greek Yogurt. Stereotyping is dull but you can try to pin me if you like tongue emoticon – I’m hard to pin down smile emoticon

Disagreeing with someone is out of love – an attempt to help someone understand can come from anger or from love. From me, it comes from love. I’m going to tire out those letters on the keyboard tonight – I rarely type them tongue emoticon

Consider this: Why would I spent the time to try to explain myself?

I’m a 43 yr old man, sitting in an ugly yellow chair at my computer. It’s past 5am. I could be sleeping. But I’m staying up. Why? To be right? No. To help someone understand something of “me” and to let them know I understand something of “them”. Maybe you consider that something else, but I consider that a part of love.

I’m ok with that. A lot of debates occur over people using different meanings. Maybe my definition of love is a softer, weaker one than your definition. I find it to be very powerful; it keeps me online – the idea that there’s a possibility of influencing someone to have a pleasant emotion because I put a few words in my keyboard that came together at the right time in the right way, keeps me coming online. I find love to be very powerful.

But yes, that’s ok. I often misunderstand people. Mindreading seems to be impossible and I seem to come at the world from a different perspective than many people, so I spend a lot of words explaining myself tongue emoticon But it’s worth it :)

and thank you for taking the time to type with me tonight. It was enjoyable as I learned a few things about myself in the process, which is always a good thing

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