un and the planets, and us…”

Well, think of how elements are created: You start off with hydrogen and helium (seems like they’re the two basic elements). Giant molecular clouds are where stars are born. Irregularies means there are some clumps of hydrogen or helium molecules floating around a little moe densely. Gravity pulls them together, at first slowly then faster and faster and faster as it gets more dense. Suddenly – k…a-blam – nuclear fusion occurs and a star is born. the hydrogen in the core fuses to form helium, then the next heavier element and next heavier element. Then, once the core of the star is IRON it can’t hold itself together anymore. if its big enough, KA-BOOM – SUPERNOVA. Not only are all the layers of elements from hydrogen to iron dispersed from the explosion, but even HEAVIER elements are CREATED in the explosion. Our sun and the planets, and us… “

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