ugh. the “traits your mate must have” question. Ok here we go.

a) She doesn’t need me.
b) I don’t need her.
c) We enjoy each other’s presence and like pleasantries
d) We’re not “transactional” [you did this for me, I do this for you – I hate that game]
e) We understand each other’s need for working/thinking space and when we come together and share it’s entirely mutual.
f) we don’t expect each other to try to read each other’s minds.
g) She needs to have a quirky sense of humor. Wordplay, puns, corny, goofy stuff.
h) She has to be engaging and excited in a “Hey guess what I just figured out/Just learned/Just did?”
i) she has to have obsessive hobbies/projects

yeah, a mirror.

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