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Subj: RE: Hello from another Udut (Kenneth Udut)
Date: 6/25/2007 10:26:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jaroslaw.Udut@Kineticom.Com
To: Simplify3@aol.com Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello, Yes it is nice to find someone from other part of the world who might be related. I know that in Poland there are 16 people who has a name Udut: 9 of which is my family. Rest is from Ukraine and Russia. Once when my parents were crossing Ukraine and police pulled them down, because of the routine control ( polish car in Ukraine) and when he took their documents he has told them to drive after him. So they did and they came to one village where the main man was Udut too and he was very important person and it finished with a party, one of the police officers was Udut too  so as you can see you can find someone similar but there was no relation between us, or maybe they just cannot find the predecessors. I know that there is a big gap the only side I can go is my grand grandfather who unfortunately was killed during the second world war. My grandfather does not know his predecessors as they were killed during first world war, he was born in 1921. He never asked his dad about the roots and his father never told him anything about it neither. But yes it will be this area, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Hungary that we should look for a predecessor. Regards, Jarek

From: Simplify3@aol.com [mailto:Simplify3@aol.com] Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007 3:13 PM
To: Jaroslaw Udut
Subject: Re: Hello from another Udut (Kenneth Udut)

it might have been Poland. I have heard conflicting reports of my predecessors.

Some have said, “Carpathian mountains”. Some have said Poland. some have said Slovakia. But with the odd political situations way back when with the shifting borders and such, it’s hard to know what’s what.

Here’s who came to the US through Ellis Island:

1. Gyorgy Udut Dzelesbo, Hungary 1911 24 2. Gyorgy Udut Szeleszto 1906 19 3. Iwan Udut Larnia, Hungary 1911 30 4. Janos Udut Papfalu 1903 31 5. Janos Udut U. S. 1906 34 6. Laszlo Udut Jank 1902 39 7. Laszlo Udut Szelestow, Hungary 1912 17 8. Zsofia Udut Lzelesto, Hungary 1913 22

Similar to Udut 1. Mosej Udot Sosnica, Russia 1909 26 2. Antoni Udott Sokolka, Russia 1909 25 3. Agnacr Udud S…amo…dol, Hungary 1913 14 4. Andras Udud Sremfalva, Hungary 1910 34 5. Anna Udud Austria, Zadwincze 1911 30 6. Bazil Udud Beregpapfalva, Hungary 1912 26 7. Clek Udud Selessfo 1905 24 8. Elek Udud Szelesto 1906 25 9. Maria Udud Munkaco, Czecho-Slavak 1920 28 10. Michal Udud Szleslowa, Hungary 1913 28 11. Mihaly Udud Sseklencse, Hungary 1910 35 12. Mikaly Udud Jank, Hungary 1913 44 13. Dmytro Ududowick Snietyn, Austria

Unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure WHO it is that is my predecessor from this list. Everybody changes their name when they come to the USA, at least back then, so it might not even BE Udut, but rather something like the last name, “Ududowick” – I’m not sure.

[or it might be Anna Udud – there was an Anna from that time period].

Geneology is definately a LOT of work, even with a relatively uncommon name like Udut. I’ve mapped out some of the names. I’ve found relatives in St Clair PA, USA, Texas, Arizona (and now florida where i live and New jersey where I came from). There’s a V.V. Udut who is an engineer in Russia – I’ve had no luck contacting him. And, to top it off, for a very short time, I joined the Orthodox Church for a couple of years (while I was really researching my roots – I’m still technically a member) – and a women who was 103 years old got very excited when I told her my last name.

She said, “In the village next to my village, when I was a little girl, there was a family of Udut’s who left to go to America. Everybody made a fuss over them.’

is that the same Udut? Did she live in Poland or was she Carpathian? I really don’t know. I doubt we’ll ever have a Udut Family Reunion but at least with the Internet we can all get in touch just to say, “Yes, we share part of the same gene pool!”


Hello Kenneth,

Yes that is true it is very rare name. I have seen your profile on facebook, and I was planning to ask you about your whereabouts and predecessors.

I come from Poland, I have tried to find my predecessors, but gave up due to time which you have to spent looking for all the branches.

Best Regards, Jarek

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 Simplify3 on May 6 2008 edit · delete
My response to a question from another Udut that looked me up on Facebook (boy, I really need to use Facebook more – everybody else is!!)

Well, a handful of Udut’s came to reside in St Claire, Pennsylvania (I think that’s where) in the early 20th century.

They split up into three last names, due to a fight among 5 or six siblings — Udut, Udet and Udit.

There’s Udut’s in New Jersey (where I’m from), Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona that I know of.

They came over from somewhere in Belarus, or the Carpathian Mountains or something like that. When investigating my ‘roots’ about 13 years ago, I joined up with a Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox Church and one of the little ol’ ladies with the thick accent heard my last name and told me a story of a family of Udut’s from her village that moved to America when she was about 5 years old. I think Udut was a big sheriff in town which is why she knew about it. She was almost 100 years old so it fit.

I know there are a lot of Michael Udut’s around (my brother is one of them) – there’s maybe 5 living Michael Uduts.

I tihnk one of the ancester’s names was Barbara Udut or Anne Udut.

At Ellis Island there is a memorial to a Udut that one of my father’s Udut uncles put there. You can see it on the Ellis Island page.

That’s all I can think of off of the top of my head. Oh, and there is a Udut i’ve seen online from Australia.

-Kenneth Udut, Naples, FL USA


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