tymnet datapac minecraft bbs phrack phreaking pc-link payphone genz servers

oh woah – tymnet telenet – datapacs… q948tj948qt now *that* brought me somewhere I forgot about. Wow. I used to have these lists of something written on paper for some reason.. and I remember talking to people long distance for free that I met on PC-Link somehow on a payphone in town back in 1988-1990… woah… and all the issues of Phrack are coming to mind lol… I’m gald to see the Anarchists Cookbook still makes the rounds among GenZ and it’s gotten upgrades. Seeing kids putting up Minecraft servers on their home PC’s are equivalent to us putting up BBS’s – they dial up servers instead of BBS’ but otherwise same. Amazing. Tymnet… haven’t heard that word in so long.

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