Two of them actually looked like elves…

Two of them actually looked like elves… and like twins. Cute couple. Both very short, very long, very blond hair. They each did a tarot card reading on me.

I saw them mentioned a decade later in that stupid Alumni thing they send out to milk money from Alumn, and they’d ended up getting married. They also had slightly pointed ears, so yeah, they were definitely a mirror couple. Never saw a guy and girl look and act so much alike.


Oh, these people believed fully they were elves. Not so different to me. One of them was named Rykandar Korrati. The name stuck with me for decades because it was so mysterious. We’d correspond now and again on email but lost touch for a long time. Never knew the gender, just that this person was on the West Coast somewhere and an elf.

A few months back, I wondered “whatever happened”, found out it’s a she, goes by the name of Dara now, and is the stuff of legend in those circles. – so to each their own. I think it’s great.

As far as the otherkin, if they have a supportive community and they’re not causing issues to people outside of their circles, I don’t see the harm in it.


But, see, I’ve been raised on the ‘net. 17 yrs old onwards. Now I’m 44. 27 years. So, this kind of stuff like otherkin, transgenders and whatnot is normal to me. The internet always attracted the oddballs back in the early days [including me], so the population of uniqueness was over-represented. AOL brought in more common people. [they called it “Eternal September” back in ’93 – referring to the fact that there will always be ‘new people’ getting on, just like September in school… The Imminent Death of the ‘net” was a common topic on Usenet].

So, my perspective isn’t typical. Abnormality is the net norm, from political beliefs to hobbies, to one’s presentation of self.

So, transgenders makng their way to the whitehouse to become a politically simple decision to declare their rights, doesn’t surprise me. The backlash surprises me, but federal support didn’t surprise me. With one easy move, a lot of people get a sense that ‘this administration cares’ even if they’re not transgendered.

It _could’ve_ been a low-impact thing, but the backlash should’ve been predictable, and probably was.


It’s a good thing you’re not in a position of power then. I’d prefer the trains stay in the museums as 70 yr old relics of a an old time long passed and dead.


True, but the squeaky wheel goes both ways. What’s the difference between an angry SJW and the “growing number of extremely angry people”?

Honestly, I don’t see any difference. Both sides are complaining.


Things are what they are. So, gender has changed meaning. So, there’s bathroom changes. So what? You roll with it and move on.


To my ears, a video about manspreading and a video about “those damn liberals” sound exactly the same.



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