Two kinds of “I’m Sorry”.

There are two kinds of “I’m sorry.”
I think there are two kinds:
There’s the social expectation of “Sorry”.
But then there is the other kind.
The other kind is when you realize you were wrong and it had consequences you did not wish for nor intend, to the point that you would gladly turn back the clock and _not_ have done or said what you did, but you can’t and this inability to change the past to reflect the increased knowledge you have at present = “I’m Sorry”.

  • Oh absolutely 100% agreed on that.
    There is the “epiphany” moment, the “Oh Shit!” and a genuine “I’m sorry” but beyond that… extending it, dragging it out… obsessing… _that’s_ when it becomes just repetitive masturbatory self-torture.

    But I think there is that ‘moment of clarity’ and genuine Inception worldview change and feeling of instant regret that is ok. It’s hanging on to that sorrow that’s a problem and probably psychologically damaging or something.

    I personally don’t care about the contractual side of “I’m sorry”. That’s just relationship stuff that you either play along with or not.



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