Two brothers – an acted out story by Draven, age 6.

A MOVIE with twists and turns

two brothers

they were constantly kept apart by circumstances. all they wanted to do is hug but everything kept them apart.  lived in separate houses next door but couldn’t go into each others houses.

in school, they could never be on the same teams – it never worked out.

then the yellow sports car gets into an accident (they were sleeping outside seeing each other through a glass wall and another car came out in the morning and crushed alung) and is in the hospital. orange car brother decides to visit.  couldn’t go through the front as the doors were locked, so he went through the air conditioning system.

but, after a few funny scenes, going through the girls changing room and they screamed, he gets in the room – but he lands on his brother and crushes his other lung.

They go off and the brother dies, they never get to hug.

The death scene was very sad – and the brother complained, “But I thought we’d have a happy ending, not a sad ending!” — and after a long, long time dead – the writer announces, “this movie won’t have a sad ending. It won’t have a happy ending.  It will have an ORIGINAL ending.”

But then he gets brought back to life by being BORN AGAIN.  He starts off as a baby, then a kid, then a teenager then an adult, then visits his brother again.

but his wheel is irreparably broken,  They get to hug finally but he realizes, ‘I have to die’.

the brother says, “nooooo!!!”

“no, no, I have to die.”

Before you know it, all of the old enemies who he shot in the original movie come back for revenge.

They try to kill him, but they can’t!  One shoots a missle, his brother tries to protect him — and HE gets shot instead and flies off to the side.

One more missle is shot, and his protective armor makes it bounce back and hit the shooter instead.

another tries to kill him by ramming into him, but gets crushed.

another tries to shoot him with lasers and his  friend (the one who accidently crushed his first lung the first time) blocks the laser and gets shot instead.

“I need to die” he keeps saying as all of his enemies are unsuccessful at killing him one by one.

After all the enemies are gone, his brother who everybody thought was dead, comes back, says, “Brother!!! you’re still alive!!!”  But when he goes to hug him, he knocks him off a cliff, where he lands on his belly, where he lacks armor, and it crushes his heart.

his brother finally dies, after saying, “Brother… I… love…. you…. ”

an original ending for sure!

But then — the movie PART 2 – the brothers are alive.  “BROTHER!!! i thought you were dead!!”.  Brother says, “Oh, I’m all fixed up now”.  “but HOWWW?”   “uh, well, um…. don’t worry about it – I’ll tell you later — wanna go for a drive?”

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