Twitter like snippets I did back in 2002 – funny mostly

Love me, live me, I am your goddess.  Watch me dance circles in the air, and fart orange blossoms.  I am your queen!  I control it all!
Don’t leave!
High school loser, you fill an important role for us.  You are our scape goat, even teachers laugh at you.  Hey!  Wait!  Put that gun awa…..
Lost in time, and lost in space, we struggled against the human race.  Our place, never found, we’re gone for good.  Just drifting about in a spaceship of wood.  Nice knowing you, earth – we’ve gone away.
One day, Charlotte found herself in a sticky predicament.  She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  But, as it turned out, the situation was even more serious than tears could wash away.

Under the mountains and under the ocean, lay my friend Johnny.  He didn’t know what hit him, but we all knew he had it coming.  It’s too bad about Johnny.   He had a good heart, but did stupid things.  I hope he puts a good word in for me.

Soldier, soldier, walking alone.  Soldier, hero, a poet of bone.  Your momma wouldn’t be proud, soldier, and your girlie left town.  Good day, soldier.

[oct 10 2002. I made a page with a series of boxes, forcing me to write creatively in two or three sentences.  Took four more years for Twitter to come out but really, I was imitating ancient chat rooms, although I thought I was the first guy to come up with the idea at the time]
and don’t get mad about the soldier one.  I was imagining a story where a soldier had done a horrible thing and was feeling dreadful about it – and rightly so, because what he did, was very nearly unforgivable.  I wasn’t talking about all soldiers there 🙂

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