tutoring versus teaching – what is the true cost

Well, having tutored people in computers, there is a cost which is
different from the financial cost.

I charged $20 an hour to teach whatever the person wanted to know.
I walked them through the different functions of whatever program it was,
made sure they took notes, had them try on their own with me
overlooking, just standard stuff.

But after a year of doing it full time, I had to cut back to
only occasional.  Why?

Because it was frustrating.  The prices were inexpensive (I worked
only with small business people), but I discovered that my patience
would often run thin.  Hopefully I didn't show it, but inside
I was kicking and screaming to myself, "We went over that
5 times already!".  But it wasn't the students so much, as me.

Anywho - I'm wondering:

What's the difference between  tutoring and private lessons?

Aren't they the same?  or are there distinctions?  [if so,
I'm quite interested and would like to know more!]

           Kenneth Udut

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