tumblr-style discourse

oh i don’t think this guy speaks for all or even most of the gay community.
It actually surprised me because it’s the first time I’d heard such a “let’s have a talk” of the kind I’d expect to hear in a tumblr-style discourse.
But it is a sign that some aspects of the gay community are most definitely doing the assimilation thing. In other ways, that’s fine. Have marriage – that’s great. Have other things. Go for it.
Now for all I know, he’s just a log cabin republican doing log cabin republican things – I don’t know who who he is but it sounds like the kind of thing they might do.
but still, going by all the positive responses to his message in comments in just the few days it’s been up, speaks volumes as to where a number of people’s minds are at. I suspect most aren’t fellow gay people but rather non-gay people going “oh good he’s telling them all to blend in with us instead of pink parades yay” – but it’s still a sign of a shift I hadn’t seen before in the gay men’s community. I haven’t been studying them as I had other groups a few years back (furries and mlp were groups I looked at years back but I’m mostly out of touch with what the gay men community is up to as I know more trans folks and unexpected sorts you wouldn’t bring to church as it were these days than clean-cut average looking guys like him).
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