Truth vs Fiction can be difficult to determine quickly.

melania-clipTruth vs Fiction can be difficult to determine quickly. I took the same clip of the 45th President with the First Lady and show it two ways, forward and reverse.

Which way is true? For videos during the time of his tenure, I’d suggest going to C-SPAN online as they have full videos (in beautiful 4K) and have a transcript below. They’re also good with captioning and such.

They also allow you to save clips easily for redistribution.

I’m not saying it’s the 100% perfect video source, but it’s as close to “raw without the commentary” as I’ve found.


I’ve been accused of many things, false and true. I wouldn’t worry about it. Tongues wag.


Well, you entered with hands that were once dirtied, there’s no living it down among the same people.

Apologizing is needed but regaining lost trust is hard and sometimes impossible. Might be better to start with fresh people.

You’ve got the taint of “this is a guy who plots to infiltrate groups. Do not trust.” Hard to live down. Not impossible but hard.


Plus, you’re probably dealing with people who are slightly (maybe more than slightly) paranoid. *Really* hard to regain their trust. Not impossible but what happens with me when I try is that I regain their trust for a short time, but then I have to walk on eggshells.


To be fair, most people don’t plot to infiltrate groups; mutinies and coups aren’t the kind of thing most people do, so it’s not an entirely unreasonable response, at least at first. But over time, you should be able to regain trust with her if that’s the sort of thing that matters to you.


Ah, you called me out on it :) – ok — well, here’s the URL to the C-SPAN video in its entirety.

I’ll make a clip and we can find out which way the frown/smile went. [because I don’t know either]

Then I’ll post the clip here.


I did it with the audio the same both ways so you can decide. I don’t know which way is correct either, as I’ve seen it both ways.


oh cool: C-SPAN saves user-created clips. Maybe it’s somewhere in there already. Searching through the raw video *is* a bit of a pain.


Ah! It’s possible he was addressing Barron and *not* Melania at that moment. Other camera angles tell other stories. So… I dunno.


Here’s all the videos C-SPAN has of inauguration day ceremonies [so I’ll backtrack and start here]


o much for my C-SPAN idea lol. here’s C-SPAN’s camera view. They weren’t looking at Trump and Melania and Barron at the time.

I’m starting to feel like a voyeur now looking at all this footage.


Here it is in 360 degree “VR” mode. Still no help lol.


I think what we’d need would be a video that has EVERY camera angle at once, synced up with the audio.

Then it needs to be put into walk-through immersive video player.

If that existed. Which it doesn’t. Yet. But it will.

– no problem – i love a challenge!


Yeah, that’s why I wanted to find the fuller context. Some people were saying that he was really talking to Barron who was misbehaving (they speculated)… and all sorts of speculation – and the “it’s backwards” comment which I saw as well was really annoying.

This way at least, it’s in a better context. She’s not a well-practiced smiler for the camera. She smiles for her spouse but hasn’t yet learned to keep it going for the cameras yet.


Ok. The “Melania frown” gif bugged me. It started in mid-smile and then dropped. So, from the source video, I went a few seconds before and after.

It makes a lot more sense seen like this.





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