Trust: this is what I observed/Measured.

Trust: this is what I observed/Measured.
Kenneth Udut
5/20/2013 9:33 AM

Trust: this is what I observed/Measured.

Do not trust “and this is my conclusion/this is why that all happened.” Read it but don’t believe it. Test it or try to find alterations and accept the conclusion only when you’re ready. Accept nothing blindly.

Always question your own assumptions but moving forward.

It’s Critical to get the right cause and effect. An incorrect cause-and-effect, once it’s in your friend, is hard to remove. It is part of your implicit memory and Prejudice system. But if you put it correct cause-and-effect in your mind, then you’ll likely come to the correct conclusions about things, rather than being carried away by the Ideas of other people, or your emotions.

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