Trump’s got access to the podium with the Presidential Seal on it.

Trump’s got access to the podium with the Presidential Seal on it. He’s embarrassing most of the country and laughed at worldwide. But whatever. He’s there. How long? Depends on what people are doing in the background.
Left wing media love him because he’s a constant source of daily news.
Right wing media love him because they get to complain about anybody complaining about him.
So all media wins.

Trump was the best thing for CNN ratings. Through the roof.
He also made the NFL popular again.
Without the other stuff surrounding Puerto Rico, taken out of context in that very moment, it was a cute photo op,

Had he not given that awful interview afterwards, it would’ve been a great visit.

But that moment by itself with nothing else considered in a vacuum, it was a nice moment.

That’s the thing about him. In person, among a crowd of people, he shines. He’s charming, likable, friendly. He loves the cameras on him and being the center of attention. I bet he’s a lot of fun with the grandkids.

But when he gets behind a podium or at a table, he blows it.

I like him in moments like these though. But saying “only 16 died” and calling it a big wind storm that blew over quickly” and comparing it to Katrina, he stuck his foot in his mouth. So, I wouldn’t say exaggeration. There’s some of course but that and the victim blaming was embarrassing.

But when he sticks to politician things like tossing paper towels, kissing babies and shaking hands, he shines.

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