Trump: It’s part of the “art of the deal”. If you make your enemy think your stupid, they’ll underestimate you at every turn.

Oh he plays stupid for the camera. He’s a typical sociopathic poker player type. He plays linguistic war games. He knows perfectly well who is listening to him, what they think about him, how they’ll react, on all the sides.

He’s a clever boy. He knows he doesn’t have to keep a single campaign promise. He knows how to draw the non-voters out in droves. He knows how to speak in VERY VAGUE terms about things, knows he can change his stance at the drop of a hat because he can say, “I’m Trump being Trump and Trump does what Trump does”.

It’s part of the “art of the deal”. If you make your enemy think your stupid, they’ll underestimate you at every turn.

Heck, even I use that trick.


Thing is though, people like that think “short term gains”. They’re in the moment. They’re not thinking about tomorrow, not really. They don’t think in long-term consequences. They don’t think holistically. They don’t SEE the “big picture” even though they talk about big picture.

He’s short-sighted, concerned with one win to the next. He has an ultimate goal. Is it president? Maybe. Is it to mess with the political system on a dare? Maybe. That’s the thing about him: WE DON’T KNOW.

And.. he knows not to tip his hat.

You _think_ someone like that might be good to have on your team, but here’s the thing: he doesn’t play for your team. He doesn’t play for teams. He’s Trump in it for Trump for Trump’s reasons only.

That’s what’s dangerous about him. Who do you know that Trump confides in? Who can you think of that Trump tells his deepest, darkest secrets to?

Anybody? His wife? His friends? Does he have legitimate friends?

This is the thing about him that would make him a dangerous choice for President.

That being said, there’s a chance he’ll get in. His consistency at this part of the game is just that: part of the game. We don’t know his end goals. Does he? No way to tell.


I’m from Jersey too. I grew up with ppl like Trump – that didn’t make it in real estate like he did. Most ended up running car dealerships or, well, at least selling used cars.


Oh no problem. Just pointing out that Trump knows how to get people on his side really easily. He knows the buzz words to get a reaction. It’s not rocket science really: list of words, toss them in, works well. He knows how people operate in masses. A lot of people are impressed by that. They see it as powerful. Me? Eh. He’s running it like a game show which really, is all it ever way


Well, that’s why we have an electorate system in place along with other preventative measures to prevent a pure democracy from ever taking hold.



Nah, I’m not worried about it. It’s a strong system. Even if we have riots and what not, it’ll settle down eventually. Always does. No reason for it to change now.





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