Trump is in it for Trump.”T

Trump is in it for Trump.
“The Trump Movement” lol, ok. I live in Trump-land and I know the kind of people who you’re talking about.
They’re known as pseudo-conservatives and they’ve been around at least since the 1980s.
Popularized by Rush Limbaugh in the early 1990s – their saint – and growing in power since.
An early 2000s icon was Laura Ingraham, who they’ve now surpassed, with people like MTG taking the helm from her and a crew of about a dozen or two House members that do everything in unison.
I know the crew you’re talking about very very well. It’s been ongoing for decades now and yes, it’s been in opposition to traditional conservatism.
This is an activist conservatism, one that was plastic and phony but has gained traction through CONSTANT media bombardment for years and years now.
I mean if you want to try to tell me that this America First conservatism is DISTINCT FROM the lineage of Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson and Matt Walsh etc, I’m all ears.

I mean many of the people I’ve been talking about have coalesced into the “Patriot Party” and the like – all first cousins of Q, and “America First” americans and a certian segment of libertarians but I know them well. I live in the land of it.

I mean, my city is home to the Supermarket MAGA king, Seed to Table — a nice supermarket and all – but he was HUGELY instrumental in organizing anti-mask protests in my city – and his gatherings helped get the Moms of Liberty started which now have an oversized influence in Florida politics, etc.
It’s where I live. I don’t watch TV or Youtube much. I don’t have to.
I know the Pat Buchanan line of conservatism with the American flag paper plates very very well. That’s where I live.
I’d see them growing up on TV.
“America Right or Wrong” was their slogan.
They were always associated with TV evangelists and folks like Pat Buchanan etc.
I didn’t think they were real to be honest.
In New Jersey, I never saw anybody like that and I thought the folks like that on TV were just acting, being ridiculous for entertainment or whatever.
But I started meeting a few in the early 90s and more since – and moving here 20 years ago, well, I fell right into all of it. Been interesting.

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