Trump is easy to vote for if you are single issues.

Trump is easy to vote for if you are single issues.
Promises of more money for families?
He says what I wish I could.

Sanders by comparison is also easy to support.

Now look at Biden. What is he? What is he selling? Is he a comic book hero or villain? Why do people have a hard time pinning him down or what he’s about?



 I’m one of the bunch of people who got a kick out of it.

Centrists are amusing. They do not like to be pinned down, lean right without committing but are willing to swing left if all the ducks line up just so.

It’s a pattern. I have a number of centrist friends. There’s even a group for “radical centrist” memes. It’s good to know where you fit. I fit in the standard SJW / libtard / leftist / hypocrite / liberal / feminist / group that the big brain youtubers love to feel better than :)

I remember my first exposure to Sargon of Asaad and being so far left, I was like, “what a weird right winger” because from view, he was right wing.

But thanks to a couple of center-left friends, I realized that there is such a thing as center-left. It was a bit of a surprise.


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