Triviality, Placebo Effect and I don’t know gets improper de-emphasis..

Triviality, much like the significance of the placebo effect, usually has backwards emphasis.
The placebo effect is more powerful than most medicines, because more illness responds to belief/things-being-just-as-they-are. That is why it is the baseline against which all medicines are compared.

The same is true for triviality. “Compared to all things being equal, I present to you this alternative formula which should prove more interesting”.

This is because in a closed Universe – and mathematics is a closed Universe – everything balances out.

To me, education on such matters should start off with the power of baseline “upon which all things are compared against as being an improvement.”

In a similar fashion, the answer that is always correct is “I don’t know”.

That is the base upon which “I know” is compared against. “I don’t know” is always more powerful. i don’t know why it took me 40+ years to figure that out, but perhaps it’s because, like a magic show, my attention was misdirected by people who didn’t know they were part of a magic show. The magicians, of course, died long ago.

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