trifoil animated cool perspective on stuff

Here’s an Oo and Ah, Wow and Oh! all #mystical looking #trifoil No accident that it’s mystified humans for a very long time and… still does.   I’m a fan.  I think humans are mystified and confused by threes, religious and science and logical alike.  We like things in clear-cut two’s.  Opposites are easy.  But do three and people go “woah”.  I do it too.  I think there’s a biological limitation in our perceptual/comprehension systems that makes it really hard to fully grasp this stuff and all of the complexity that shoots out from this basic example.  Maybe if we could see things from our perspective and another’s perspective simultaneously while looking at something, this wouldn’t be any big deal.
Or maybe if we could see things from the outside in, the inside out and from side-to-side all at the same time, we’d comprehend this stuff better.  But it sounds like garbledeegook, I know.  I think like an alien sometimes but I’m all-too-human :PTrefoil_Knot


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