Treating citizens like enemies is not the proper approach.

I don’t like abuse of power.
There’s a need for power.
I agree with a police force existing.
I also agree with proper training.
I understand mistakes as well – they’re going to happen regardless of training.
But to me, if you are in a police force, it should be a sacrificial role.
I hate to put it that harshly but if you’re given the power of a Soldier, then you should be trained with the mentality of a Soldier.
Defend individual liberties while *also* keeping the community safe. Since the individuals are acting in a fashion not in keeping with the standards of the community are ALSO PART OF THE COMMUNITY – THEIR RIGHTS should come first, over those of the police.

If they’re worried a guy has a gun but there’s no proof, have a shield or a vest instead of sexy short sleeved shirts. [they’re always trying to look sexy instead of protected].

The police who step forward runs the risk of getting shot and killed if they’re unprotected. But that’s the breaks. The police BEHIND them THEM have the proof to subdue the individual by whatever means they wish.

Treating citizens like enemies is not the proper approach.

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