transcript from “how to solve anything” 90 bpm video

transcript from “how to solve anything” 90 bpm video

let’s see if you want to solve the
problem easiest way is to fold it and
pull it again and fold it again you can
start with everything you got the whole
universe and then you just start
narrowing it down from there okay here’s
everything I don’t know everything all
right you know brains this big universes
I can’t go that big I can’t go that
small I’m human-sized limited so okay
we’ll start with the reticle universe
and then you know okay we got all the
stuff I know until we get to the earth
and you get to like you know where you
live and then you okay I got you now who
are you so a bunch of stuff for one
thing you’re you occupy a space I’m
sitting here in this chair in this
location they can be pointed out a map
not a globe it’s spinning around like so
and around
this sounds going around us solar system
and that’s going around a local galactic
cluster whatever you can study that
stuff in your element schools but we’re
more than just you know shape our body
we’re also a lot of invisible things
that we don’t see but feel and
experience every day we’re connected to
the people around us to the people we
know the people we talk to and the
people we think about when they’re
people that are alive or people that
have died at people that haven’t been
born yet and fiction or may never be
born we’re connected to all those people
and all of those ideas and all of those
concepts they kind of come together and
unique puzzle that makes us who we are
and we’re still more than that we’re not
static like this video is a series of
frames at all stuck together to get the
illusion of movement but we I would say
we’re illusions first day I mean what’s
real what’s an illusion we can go into
that just yet but it seems that we’re
born at a certain point in time at the
time leave the timeline things don’t and
you’re more you have a timeline and then
we die maybe you look forever maybe you
don’t I’d like
I actually debuted on it about that
carrying on so we have a lifespan and
here we are at a certain point there’s a
date on a calendar so i have any
particular point in time you’re a
certain age you’re certain development
your brain has been working a certain
way java certain amount of things in
your life and you have memories of some
things memories of things you don’t have
so they all kind of make up who you are
okay be cohesive here if you want to
solve a problem you start from where you
are when you are who you are
what do you have because you have two
hands that’s a good place to start we
got fingers I happen to have ten you may
have morning loves you man this you may
have this you know you may have that I
don’t but do you have something usually
have arms again out of stuff you can do
at the end of your arms you can write
stuff right you can play me blows German
you know you can draw something you can
program you can punch somebody in the
face and stop them from doing something
you can help somebody that’s your thing
but there’s a lot you can do with your
hands you know driving a car with so
when you try to solve a problem it’s a
good place to start not it’s not just so
much what you can see I mean that’s kind
of obvious maybe it’s not but we can see
pretty far then we can get the illusion
that we can do more than weekend because
you can see far maybe we can do far as
we can but right now in this time this
place where you are right now you say
you’ve got a problem we have to solve is
your hands so what can you do at the end
of your hands start there it’s a good
place to start you can start your brain
but you know you said there anything
the thing is everything moves very
quickly inside of there but it just
keeps going and going and going and
going just you can spin your wheels for
a long time and not really get any place
so get your hands involved very useful
make them do something get it out of
your head get it on paper somehow get on
the computer get on your phone whatever
you happen to have make use of it get
out of your brand and so you can then
you can see open your eyes so it’s out
of there it’s here that’s start that’s
the first thing that’s on the problems
hoping it helps about solving problems
is again cutting them down to size start
with the universe move it down and then
you’re dealing with something you can
manage you know what your hand you might
not be able to do everything this all
probably might not be able to get a plan
to follow like that but if you can
identify something you can do with your
hands right now that will you believe
that lead you a little closer to solving
a problem and you know consider doing
something maybe your hands aren’t enough
maybe what you need is in another room
maybe it’s down the street in the city
well you’ve got feet
might have a chair you might have some
other form of transportation but there’s
probably a way to make your body go from
here to you know make use of that that’s
another way to solve problems we’ve all
seen kind of obvious and we take them
for granted but it’s real easy to get
stuck inside of your head traveler so
it’s good to remember these things and
arms feet legs good things that happened
things to know good things to use
sometimes it’s doing something helps
give up your head and talking to
somebody to forget this is a tool you
get it out of your mouth a lot and you
get it into somebody else’s here they
hear it and it goes into their brain and
they go back and forth metal gear here I
was going to say your mouth but doesn’t
really happen but somebody’s mouth to
somebody there to somebody’s brain out
their mouth back to your ear into your
brain out their mouth and maybe with all
that talking somebody will actually get
out and you know crap out of somebody or
you know use their feet and do something
with it but you can have
talk about listening to some kind of
other actions could I be any more vague
so one thing it helps in solving problem
is again I told them in jail if i want
to clean that screen back there okay
it’s a big screen and my hands are
certain size okay it’s important to note
that you have limitations you can extend
them in the past but you have
limitations sorry your brain may be
infinite all that if you believe that
sort of thing but your body is not and
your greatest inside of your body one
thing that I can supersize
once you have something in half whenever
is you basically made a triangle and the
triangle has a skinny piece on top
fatties the bottom like this time when
you start with skinny part of triangle
work your way too fat it becomes
manageable you can solve any problem by
breaking them up in two pieces I collect
meeting with triangles getting the
pieces of pizza so there you go how to
solve any problem chop it in half salt
one half solve the other half click them
together if you have still do it for you
you can do it and reports you can do it
feels it doesn’t matter how many pieces
you chop it up it you don’t even have to
do it all yourself that’s another thing
listing and talking thing there’s other
people you can have somebody else to do
work for you then by all means have to
do it for you be lazy to sit back and
pretend like you don’t hear anything
until somebody gets frustrated it says I
told you that a thousand times if you
have to do anything though do it
yourself I’ll just do it myself okay if
that person goes and does the thing you
don’t want to do I look what your bed
they’ll think Chloe of you they may even
not give you ice cream next time it
comes around as a punishment but depends
what you want to do and all tombs and
shoulds important are they to you you
have to decide that sort of thing but I
don’t think it’s necessary to get
stressed about stuff you can accomplish
anything you want to you don’t even have
to do it yourself just do it instead of
you that’s where imagination is
important to you can imagine something
pushed that you can’t do yourself or you
don’t feel like you can even just
imagining that some days somebody out
there will do it for you or it will be
done for Humanity you might have to be
satisfied you might have to be satisfied
that someday in the future they’ll be
peace harmony on earth so you don’t have
to solve it yourself you can solve other
issues that are more manageable for you
thought more I can say but that’s me
rambling for 12 minutes 40 seconds I
testified if anybody hears this and it
makes any sense to anybody at all I’ll
be kind of shocked but I thought soap in
my mouth and see what vomit comes out so
they’re one of the results from okay

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