Trackers are just spreadsheets. Wow, nobody told me that and i just figured it out after all these years.

I decided, in light of what I said about the UI + music, that I would try *yet again* to go through the bother of learning trackers. I’ve seen and hated trackers since MOD files in the late 1980s/early 90s, and THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED, which for some reason always made me mad.

Yet, I’ve become a pro at Microsoft Excel through the years.

I NEVER REALIZED until going through an instructional video for Buzz (an old freeware tracking/sequencing software that I want to play with), that TRACKERS ARE SPREADSHEETS

I feel so *stupid*. I’m a pro with spreadsheets. Why I NEVER made the connection in all these years I’ll never know, but at least I figured it out now.

[the video didn’t say they’re like a spreadsheet… I was just watching the tutorial and I was like… woah, it’s like a REALLY PRIMITIVE spreadsheet]

I downloaded a version of it a while back. I liked it… but I’ve got an ancient bias and here’s where I’ve been weird for a long time:

Last time I was _really successful_ at merging my love of computers, programming, and music was when I was like 12 years old, using a special music cartridge that did 5 voice sound called Orchestra 90CC for my “plugs into the TV set” Tandy Color Computer 2.. I programmed all the sound patterns, the music, created a bunch of music, which Young Ken was smart enough to save way back in 1984-7.

Then I had further success in the late 80s with some 3 -voice thing on my Tandy 1000 computer (my first “PC”)

But then, ADULTHOOD/RESPONSIBILITY/BULLSHIT came up. I saw mod trackers, found the whole format annoying, tried learning them… gave up… they wouldn’t go away.

So, every computer software I see for making music has gazillions of controls, I have _no_ MIDI setup and just never wanted to go into that world. To me, it was just fancier version of the style I couldn’t stand.

So, ,computer stuff stayed with computer stuff. Music stuff stayed with whatever playable instruments I could find/make (analog) – although I do love messing directly with sound files/wavs/MP3s in audacity.

Anyway… yeah – I gotta get over my cognitive bias and stop making excuses.

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