touchstone for grounding yourself to your purpose if you need to.

Has anyone ever done any undercover work or adventures?

How does one destroy their values and personality to become what they need to become while maintaining the purpose of why they have done so?

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  • Kenneth Udut Dan Schuberth You need a touchstone. It doesn’t matter what it is to anybody else, just to you. Soldiers in the battlefield bring a picture of a loved one as their touchstone. Physical, touchable, tangible objects are practical for humans because having a “real” item makes us feel physically grounded to “something greater”.

    Embody the purpose in an object; not just a thought (because thoughts can be taken over by emotion) and you should be ok. Even a scrap of paper containing some words on it. Anything.
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  • Dan Schuberth Interesting strategy… hmmm…
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  • Kenneth Udut Touchstone is a metaphorical concept and I might seem to be stretching its usage but I don’t really think so. A touchstone is a standard by which other things are measured, In this case, you are measuring your current actions by the measuring stick; your purpose.

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