TOR is total lack of creativity in sneaking around.

Yeah, I don’t have much sympathy for anonymity folk. I mean, I’m all for them trying to skirt around things: that’ll always happen… and I don’t care if the FBI is snooping or NSA or whatever.

I mean if you use something COMMONPLACE like TOR, jeez, you’re kind of a target. There’s dozens of other ways to sneak around that aren’t so … .popular.


TOR is total lack of creativity in sneaking around. It’s _so freakin’ easy_ to use – of course it’ll be easy to be snooped into. Try something complicated instead of pedestrian.


All easily findable online. I gave up on privacy in 2002 when my ancient early 90s Usenet posts were made public by Google. I wasn’t happy.

I’m just saying: Use some creativity if you’re gonna sneak around. Revive old protocols like Gopher. Or step away from TCP/IP altogether – make it really interesting, stuff like that.


Sorry if I was offensive: I’d honestly rather they didn’t snoop around. I don’t like it either. It’s just that, using commonplace tactics in broad common, popular usage is eventually gong to put a big red flag on all users of the everyday anonymity systems eventually. It’s happened before.



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