Top 20 80s movies worldwide.

Top 20 80s movies worldwide.

1. E.T.: Boy helps alien phone home.
2. Star Wars V: Luke vs. Darth Vader.
3. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones searches for Ark.
4. Ghostbusters: Misfits save NYC from ghosts.
5. Beverly Hills Cop: Detroit cop in Beverly Hills.
6. Back to the Future: Teen time travels in DeLorean.
7. Top Gun: Hotshot pilot competes, falls in love.
8. Indiana Jones II: Saves children, recovers stones.
9. Batman: Dark Knight vs. Joker.
10. Crocodile Dundee: Australian in NYC.
11. Rain Man: Brothers bond on road trip.
12. Fatal Attraction: One-night stand leads to danger.
13. Rambo II: Rescue mission in Vietnam.
14. Rocky III: Rocky fights Clubber Lang.
15. Beverly Hills Cop II: Axel Foley in Beverly Hills.
16. Lethal Weapon: Mismatched duo solves case.
17. Platoon: Soldier’s journey through Vietnam.
18. Die Hard: John McClane vs. terrorists.
19. The Little Mermaid: Mermaid falls for human prince.
20. The Karate Kid: Teen learns karate from Mr. Miyagi.

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