Tolerance isn’t acceptance. It’s civility.

I don’t think a contrast between “political correctness” and “hate” is a valid comparison.

He is implying that hate is preferable to political correctness.

What is politically correctness?
Word changes.

Do word changes make a difference?

SOMETIMES they can. Sometimes they reveal, sometimes they conceal.

Part of me is attracted to the idea of RAW PURE SIMPLE words expressing FEELING.

Another part of me is socially aware that there’s a great complexity to society and we really _do_ have to tolerate each other to some degree and finding ways to accomplish tolerance of someone we don’t _care for_ but don’t necessarily HATE is very important in a pluralistic environment.

BUT… at the same time, if one is ONLY Tolerant of fellow tolerant people.. then that is simply Intolerance flying under the wrong flag.

Tolerance requires tolerating intolerant people.

Tolerance isn’t acceptance. It’s civility.

Crimes happen. People do things. There’s laws. People are removed from the main part of society and placed in a subculture of society we call prison.

It’s important to not mix up hate, tolerance, intolerance, laws, right, wrong, morality and all of these things.

They’re interrelated yes, but distinct. When we lose the distinctions through poor metaphors and false dichotomies, we lose discussion.

Lose discussion and the walls go up. That’s not a good thing. Good things rarely happen behind walls of hate. Civility and diplomacy are always warranted in a civil society.

In times of war, they’re even more important.

Can’t stop fighting. Can’t stop crime entirely. But we can make inroads to peace and common ground while retaining our distinctions and without making hate a requirement of society but merely a regretful option that we sometimes utilize.

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