toktela means “infinite space” |

toktela means “infinite space” |
part of hopi creation story –
absolute elsewhere is a concept from mathematical theoretical physics pure block time view and the name of a group that made an album inspired by erich von däniken chariots of the gods construct with ancient aliens visiting native peoples throughout human history made in 1976 ;
this theme haunted me for a long time and i never knew where it came from nor where i heard it but at least now i know that i have found it so i made this after improving the audio i found of the song toktela @
i am thinking it was used in a number of 80s science fiction shows like doctor who hitchhikers guide bbc space documentaries chariots of the gods bbc mysteries of the universe specials and such but i have no way to prove #
the gifs are ones i found while searching for infinite space including to my surprise one of my own on a page i did not create about the efimov state two days after i submitted the gif to wikipedia on july 24 2014 so that was an added serendipitous connection ^


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